Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ultimate solution to save our democracy !!!

The real pity of our democracy is we don't choose at all !!! I mean not only we don't choose right people but many a times we simply don't choose people. If you look at any elections happening for last many years post independence the percentage of voting on average has never been above 50 % on national level of the entire vote eligible population. I really can't comment firmly as I don't have access to authentic data but its my understanding that the lower percentage of voting is not in the illiterate section of the population in fact it's the educated and elite class which don't vote. They have lot of logical and legitimate sounding reasons for not voting.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fifth Pillar of Democracy: Social Networks !!!

When any civil structure gets dilapidated support needs to be given to the same to keep it stable. It is said that our democracy is founded on three pillars of Legislature, Judiciary and Executive however when we felt that three pillars are not sufficient to make the structure strong we provided support of the fourth pillar i.e. Press (Print & Electronic) It was expected out of this fourth estate to stay vigilant and question the wrong doings of the remaining three pillars. Now it seems that our weakening democracy is going to need another pillar to support itself, A fifth pillar now which is known as Social Networks.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

When Idiot Box was not Idiot !!!!

It all use to start like this at 1730 hours every evening !!!!

I am talking about an golden era of our age old Doordarshan. When the idiot box use to wake up in the evening at 05:30 PM and go to sleep at 11:00 PM in the night and whatever use to happen in the meanwhile is something which no one from my generation can ever forget. There was only one channel on Doordarshan and till 08:30 PM we use to have regional programs on it and after 08:30 PM we use to get National Network programs. Some of the regional programs which I still remember are Gajara, Marathi comedy program, Santakukdi, Awo Mari Sathe in Gujarathi, a program on health care 'Arogya Sampada', 'Dyandeep', I remember that time Dyandeep Mandal (Group) were formed in many cities conducting various social programs. Certain TV Serials left a permeant mark on me for the lifetime like Nukkad every Monday at 09:00 PM

Monday, April 16, 2012

Paid Drinking Water Fountain: Business Idea to save Environment !!!!

I have written about this earlier somewhere however  now I feel the time has come for this idea to become a business. As I am aware that building businesses and seeking funds these days is not a child's play and therefore I am just letting this idea go. If someone finds this to be interesting either he/she can approach me or just take the idea forward and convert this into a business as ultimately its going to benefit mother nature and the environment.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Cards Just Cash !!!!

Just received my Credit Card statement and realized that since last few months I'm on a kind of spending spree. Thanks to all sorts of Credit Cards I have got by the mercy of credit loving banks, though I have hardly missed any due dates for my credit cards ( After suffering from the famous debt trap for quiet a long period and it's a subject of another blog) somehow I realized that I'm spending on pretty unnecessary stuff or at least some of my purchases either could be postponed or even cancelled after a deep second thought.


Just notice your buying behavior and and how it changes in the presence of a card payment. We normally plan purchases and allocate funds to make those purchases from our budgets. We hardly consider the credit limit on our cards as a line of credit when we plan our purchases and in most of the cases purchases made on a credit card are unplanned or impulsive purchases. When you start convincing yourself how it's reasonable to make some unplanned or unscheduled purchase and you can do that by using your credit card you can straightaway assume that your have become a shopaholic. By the way there is a beautiful movie on this theme 'Confession of a Shopaholic', a must watch movie for all who feel shop crazily till they drop.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Whole Fiasco of SRK detainment at US Airport.

Long ago in our country people indulged in entertainment industry were considered inferior. I am just stating the facts here and I do have respect for artists, actors and dancers however I just want to remind all that few years back it was considered inferior to act on the stage or on the screen. People who use to act or sing were never accorded equal stature in the society. Over a period of time we started giving importance, star status and glamour especially to the Film Stars and starlets (At times more than due importance) and slowly they started being treated differently than all of us. We forgot one thing that they are professionals and whatever they do they do so to earn money and hell lot of a money in this case.

Barring few respectable exceptions all the Film Stars are fake whatever we see on the screen is the cumulative effect of the story, direction, photography and hell lot of post production expertise and not only because of the genius of that star alone however success of the film is always accorded to the star alone. Off screen these people behave like they own this country and expect them to be treated differently or rather with some VIP privileges. Unfortunately in India we treat these junkies as celebrities and our government machinery dances to their tunes many times ( There are couple of exceptions wherein Sanjay Datta and Salman Khan were sent to prison however both of the cases are still pending and they are still roaming scot free on a bail)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ten Years Ago !!!!

Ten years Ago
When we had to search for anything it used to be a very cumbersome process. Ask friends, associates or go to the library and search for the books from where you might get some information about your query. There was no guarantee that you would get the information and there was no guarantee at all how much time you would need to do this.

After Ten Years
Just google what you want to know and millions of pages would pop up in a fraction of a second to give you every piece of information available on the world wide web.

Ten Years Ago,
If you are new to any city and need to find an address it use to be very frustrating. Keep on asking people who may led or misled you to the intended place. Consider the time lost doing this exercise

After Ten Years,
You have google maps, GPS based navigators just enter the name of the place where you want to go and bingo the devise will give you turn by turn instructions.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why I love Samsung Home Products

Why I love Samsung Home Products ?

A realization that we have bought the right product is such a good feeling and as a consumer we always long for such a feeling. While making the buying decision we ask friends and relatives, search for forums, visit many stores to understand different offerings and then we take a final call.

I'm sharing a story of my journey with Samsung a famous Korean brand with you which will definitely help you to make your buying decision if you are still stuck somewhere.

We all have been using many white goods such as TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave and many other since last many years. In fact in past owning these things was considered to be a mark of a stable and rich family however now thanks to the increasing living standards and disposable income had made it possible for anybody to have these now not so luxury products. I remember an era where TV was always use to be Crown, Fridge = Godrej, Mixer = Sumeet, Water Filter = Well O Fill. Life was easier then as the choices were very limited and products use to perform for lifetime. I remember some people use to buy brands like Sony, National, Panasonic, Voltas however such number was very limited and from the high class of the society.

The picture changed after the wave of globalization in early nineties. Many national and international brands jumped into the market to woo billions of Indian consumers. Each of them came with millions of dollars of budget for advertisements. Because of the multiplicity of brands buying decisions became complicated.

At such a juncture I started buying things for my home. The first purchase I made was of a fridge and washing machine and somehow we decided to go with Samsung, that time recently launched Korean brand. Since then we have added many products of that brand in our home and we are really happy and enjoying all these products without any problems.

What is amazing is the simplicity in the product design, features and ease of use of all the features. Intuitive user controls, very less clutter and an excellent after sales support. For any problem just dial their toll free 1800 number and pleasant and informed voice will ask you a couple of quick questions and will try to resolve the problem over the phone ( it happened with me twice as they could resolve the problem over the phone and that was amazing ) else they will promise a call back from the technical team, the call will come in next few hours from the relevant department to get few more details and bingo a trained, professional mechanic will ring the bell, the same day ( Most of the times ) and quickly and efficiently resolve your problem. Not only that he will give you some tips to use the product more effectively.

The feeling that you are backed by such a professional support network had been so strong for me that when it comes to buying any home product I first check with Samsung and if it's not available then hunt somewhere else.

Thanks Samsung for making my life easier !!!!!!