Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why I love Apple !!!

I am a convicted gadget enthusiast :) I have been using electronic gadgets since I started earning money. It started with a small 64 K Casio Digital Diary way back in 1996 and the journey is still on. I get amazed by the innovation happening around and so many interesting and fantastic gadgets showing up in the market to make life easier. 

I hooked up to mobile phones in early 2000. I bought my first Panasonic Mobile Handset in year 2000. Flaunting mobile phone was a kind of style those days. Later I shifted to Nokia and stayed with Nokia till late 2006. I shifted to Blackberry and started using Blackberry for their push e Mail service (At that point in time Push e Mail was a kind of unique thing and it was available only with Blackberry in India) I used a couple of Blackberry handset also used Palm Trio in the meanwhile then again shifted to Nokia E71. I still feel that E71 was the best smartphone available during that time and I think Nokia was so busy celebrating their success in that segment they almost ignored the entry of another giant who swiftly taken over the smartphone market i.e. Apple IPhone. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

The real issue of JOBS in our College Campuses

It was around the corner, people use to talk about this in whispers, all the stake holders were aware that it was happening but it all came out in open due to this article in Business Today

Placement is the real BUZZ WORD !!
As a Technology Enabled Education Services consultant I have been visiting college campuses since last seven years and whenever I meet the stake holders there such as Institute Directors, Principals, Training & Placement Officers or in few cases Students the only issue discussed is placements. Yes I do realise the importance of this particular issue and yes placements are really important in the career life span of a student and institute however there are few questions which needs to get answered before we dive deep into the problem itself.