Saturday, October 13, 2012

Few battles of my life !!!!

Yesterday I heard Mahesh Murthy first time live :) in NASSCOM EMERGE OUT Pune 2012 and it was an awesome experience. He started speaking in his calm and soft voice about the journey of an entrepreneur. He spoke about eight to ten battles every entrepreneur has to fight and succeed to become an entrepreneur and what an amazing observation. At one point he said and I quote ' Just do what you are destined to do if you firmly believe in what you do, you don't know what ripple effect it will have on the world in the long run'.I literally had tears in my eyes and goosebumps in my stomach.
Now I'm almost a 40 year old largely unsuccessful entrepreneur however when introspected my journey I realised though I'm largely unsuccessful in most of my ventures however every failure contributed to make me what I am today. I guess apart from these classic battles Mahesh spoke about I was caught in an additional kind of battle during my every venture and it was trying to do something which is a bit ahead of time. Today I have decided to open the archives of my entrepreneurial journey and share the same with you.