Friday, August 10, 2012

I helped them loosing 10 Million in Sales !!!!

Our life is surrounded by experiences of number of products and services some good many bitter :( unfortunately in the country like us where consumer is still unorganised one can just pant and fume over the bitter experiences and let go on the other hand regarding some good experiences we cant share them effectively to aid others to make their mind in choosing the right options.

One of Alok's tweets reminded me of an idea I thought about sometime back to teach a bloody lesson to the companies who don't care about their consumers.

Today these companies are fooling us happily as they know that disgruntled customer cant do much besides due to gigantic growth they are getting loads of first time customers as a result they don’t bother to retain their existing customers. Actually its a saying in Sales that its easier to retain the customer than to acquire a new one however such sayings are becoming myths :( You walk in to any mobile company sales outlet and you find chaos, old customers quarreling for inefficient service and immediately next to them new customers buying the connections.

I have thought of a website which will quantify the harm done by stupid performance of the product or bad quality of the service received by the consumer on the sales of that company.