Monday, November 5, 2012

Land full of Dichotomies !!!!

We the people of this land are full of dichotomies. Since last many days I am thinking on this post and the more I started thinking I got more evidences of this phenomena which I believe now is very deep rooted in our society.
We criticise politicians and government officials for being corrupt and being manipulative and promoting dynasties in politics.
What we do in our daily lives is no different than what our politicians do.
  • We offer bribe to get our driving license,
  • When we jump the signal we happily pay 100 bucks to the cop not insisting on receipt of the penalty.
  • We offer bribes to politicians and corrupt government officials to build residential complexes on reserved plots. ( Not directly but we purchase properties in such illegal constructions for investment and make a hefty profit by selling after the appreciation)
  • We accept bribes in the form of getting our society buildings painted and decorated at the cost of the candidate's money who is fighting elections from your ward.
  • We hire the best of the best Chartered Accountants to find loop holes in Income Tax law to save maximum money possible, at times also bribe concerned officials rather than paying whats true and due.
  • Some of us take advantage of certain govt schemes such as free education for Economically Backward Class by declaring false income to the concerned authorities.
  • We are the people who bribe the government authorities and political class so that one gets employed with central or state government services as thats the safest bait as a career where one's job is guaranteed till death.
  • We are the people who always complain about rising inflation but never take cognisance that average appraisal rate in corporate as well as public sector is almost 15 % to 20 %
  • When we buy we negotiate hard but when we sell we say negotiation is a curse and the buyer should pay the price without any deliberations as its a just price.
  • While one is plaintiff he wants his suit to get dismissed in a month's time while when the same person is defendant he wants extension of the law suit till life.
  • We expect freedom of press however not willing t pay Rs.10 per daily news paper ( The reason I am mentioning this is if your newspaper is not earning money from you and earning it from the advertisers they will definitely bend their loyalties to their paying class which are corporates, politicians and sure to provide biased news coverage)
  •  We curse politicians and waste hours arguing and debating about the chaos however on the election day we go out for a picnic instead of voting and exercising our fundamental right of choosing people.
  • We criticise dynasties of politicians however we always ensure that our entire wealth and businesses should safely get transferred to our next generation.
The list of these dichotomies can be stretched to any level. I believe what they say is right you get what you deserve. Our polity is a straight result of what we deserve and unless we do something to bring purity in our lives the overall picture would not change. It would stay gloomy !!!!!

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